Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Multi-sport event

Is it good to hold multi-sport event to boost economy?

The investment in sports facilities is large. The operation cost of the sports events is high. The income from tickets and tourists are likely not able to cover the expenses. The "long-term" effect such as the income from long-term tourism cannot be measured accurately. In terms of money, multi-sport event should not be organized.

However, the value of multi-sport event varied among different people. For those country which want to show their power and gain reputation from the world, the value of the multi-sports event is very high. For those country which lack of happiness, a sport events may be able to raise the reputation of the government and bring a little happiness to the citizens.

For the citizens, they would have more sports activities and more awareness of doing exercise. Therefore, the value of sport events depends on how the citizen value on sports activities. Some "traditional" sports activities such as track and field and swimming may not be popular to the teenager. The youth may prefer other sports activities. Moreover, the awareness of doing exercise could be raised by other means.

I think it is good to organize a "cut-cost" sports activities to balance the benefit between sports and economy. As not all sports activities are organized in multi-sport activities, the sports activities that is expensive to organize or not popular should be canceled.

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