Thursday, September 16, 2010


Many philosophy, religion and life coaching course emphasis that feeling is based on values, and values are created by myself. Therefore, we need not feel sad nor other negative feeling. However, as what I have observed, our feeling is not totally "artificial".

Human are born to live in wild. Feelings are used to push human beings to cooperate, reproduction, avoid dangerous and fight for food. Therefore, human beings like to be recognized by others, having sex, help each other, earning money and take care of baby. On the other hand, human being dislike to lose money, be lonely, hate by other, etc.

Buddhists have tried to eliminate all their desire but they failed. Christians try to follow all the rules and teaching in the Bible but it seems that very few of them could follow all the rules. Many people joining life coaching courses but they change back to their original personality. Therefore, I don't think that feeling are artificial.

I think the way to feel happy is to think that the feeling comes from natural which originally used for live and reproduction. After that, try to live naturally. Helping others, finding lovers, earning money and finding something fun could help.

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