Sunday, September 19, 2010

Made in China

Nowadays, most products are made in China. However, I think the products will be manufactured in other country such as Vietnam and Malaysia.

First, manufacturing brings pollution. As the communication technology becomes more advance, the problems of pollution cannot be ignored in China. The local government in Shenzheng is taking more serious measures to reduce pollution. However, the government in Vietnam seems less concern about environment. The manufacturers spend less in preventing pollution in Vietnam, so the factories swift to Vietnam.

Second, the manufacturing cost in China is increasing. People in China are more concerning about labour right. There are increasing minimum wage in China which increase the cost. Moreover, as China is developing other business such as IT and finance, the factory owners need to increase wages to employ workers. On the other hand, the wage in less-developed country is still very low.

Last, the American like to blame on others for causing unemployment problem in America. There are many places in the world where the salary and production cost are much lower than that in America. Moreover, American has no special skills like German or Japan. However, they do like to blame on others for election. In the past, they blames Japanese. They change to blame China now. American tries their best to push up the value ob RMB. If the production cost in China is increased, the factories will shift out of China (but not shift to America).

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