Saturday, October 2, 2010

How to sell insurance

Many insurance agents can be rich, but most of them quit the industry and lose most of the friends. I think insurance is not an evil, there are some hints that help to become an ethical and successful agent:

1. Sell suitable products
If the customer is poor, don't sell too much insurance. The client may have financial problems that could not afford the insurance. Besides, the agent could build up reputation by not selling high commission insurance plan.

2. Make friends
Everyone knows it is important to make friends, but the main point is to let the friends trust you. I don't mean to pretend, but really be an honest person. "Concerning" a friend that haven't met for a long time is certainly dishonest. We should help others because of we wish but not for money.

3. Explain all the details
Many agents exaggerate the benefit of insurance. For example, they make the clients believe that they must claim in the future but actually many of the clients won't. Some make the clients believe that the insurance cover all the areas but actually many areas are not protected. The agent should explain all the details in order to make long term benefit.

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