Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Multi-sport event

Is it good to hold multi-sport event to boost economy?

The investment in sports facilities is large. The operation cost of the sports events is high. The income from tickets and tourists are likely not able to cover the expenses. The "long-term" effect such as the income from long-term tourism cannot be measured accurately. In terms of money, multi-sport event should not be organized.

However, the value of multi-sport event varied among different people. For those country which want to show their power and gain reputation from the world, the value of the multi-sports event is very high. For those country which lack of happiness, a sport events may be able to raise the reputation of the government and bring a little happiness to the citizens.

For the citizens, they would have more sports activities and more awareness of doing exercise. Therefore, the value of sport events depends on how the citizen value on sports activities. Some "traditional" sports activities such as track and field and swimming may not be popular to the teenager. The youth may prefer other sports activities. Moreover, the awareness of doing exercise could be raised by other means.

I think it is good to organize a "cut-cost" sports activities to balance the benefit between sports and economy. As not all sports activities are organized in multi-sport activities, the sports activities that is expensive to organize or not popular should be canceled.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Economy and Environment

Nowadays, people live in developed countries are not afraid of hanger. At least they are supplied with basic needs which could sustain their lives. However, people want a better live. I think this desire which built in Human gene is used to push human beings to survive in wild. This desire seems to be out of control as the technology are improving at a extremely high speed. Many products are invented, such as Iphone and IPad. Those products are not necessary. However, the society needs those "unnecessary" products to boost the economy and provide jobs for people.

As the technology is improving, more products will be invented. However, those products requires material and energy to produced and even for disposal. The production of the products bring with pollution. Most of us may have sense of environmental protection. Some may try to use less electricity and participate in recycling. However, the marketing of the products is far more successful. Environmentalist are persuaded to have "quality of life". If they don't buy trendy products, they looks "outdated" or "bad quality of life". As a result, many energy and material are wasted.

I do not have a solution for this problem. I personally do not buy unnecessary products. I just want to live in a low quality of live.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Weakness of Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular websites in the world. It has about 500 million active users. The founders of Facebook becomes very rich, one of the richest man in the world. However, I do think that Facebook has some weakness which endanger the future of Facebook.

The largest risk is privacy. Everything wound be stored in Facebook and cannot be deleted. Who knows how the information of the users would be used? Everyone wants privacy. It is difficult to control others to post your photo on Facebook and tag on it. The best way to avoid your photo to be seen by others is not to use Facebook. Apart from photos, friends could easily get many information such as friends, school and place of work from Facebook. The privacy setting of Facebook is not enough to let the users to feel safe.

Another risk is the lack of new points in Facebook. I mean the lack of interesting and attractive items in Facebook. People use Facebook may because it is new to them. Some Facebook games such the one created by Playfish are very popular in the past. However, people are less interested in the mode of Facebook games as the mode is repeated for many times. Some people are even get annoyed by the numerous email notifications and the message posted by other's applications. To be short, Facebook is less interesting as time flies.

The last risk is the competitor which aims at certain target groups. As Facebook is successful, many companies create similar website. Twitter aims at the one who like to share about their status. MSN Spaces has more customization by gadgets. Moreover, Facebook may not be the first choice for those English is not their mother language. There are many local social websites such as Qzone, Vkontakte and Cyworld. Some people use Facebook before may because there is no localized social websites.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Model of Religion

I think Christianity lasts for a long time has its own reason. We wound not discuss whether the reality of religion here, but the model of the church and religion. There are some forces which supports the religion even if the religion cannot be explained clearly.

First, Christians are more "positive" and so they are happier. They think that God has chosen the best path for them. Even if they face failure, they would think that God gives them chance to learn and improve. For failure, they may not care as much as others as they may be more concern about the life after death and religious life. The concept of the life after death also make Christians more "peaceful".

Second, Christians are well-organized. They have clear plan to donate money to church and promote their religion. They have regular gathering and sharing to strengthen their religion. They gain happiness from religion, so they want others to follow their religion. The more important thing is that, according to the Bible, all people go to hell if they don't believe in Jesus. Some Christians try their best to spread the religion.

Last, Christianity is about uncertainty. As human have limit in proving "super-natural" matter, Christians could defense their religion by ignoring any philosophical thinking. As the possibility of life after death exists, Christians could ignore any criticism. Therefore, Christians claims that the religion is "logical correct" as the religion lasts for long time.

The model is of religion is successful. Therefore, many business model adopt similar running method.

For example, insurance company teaches their agents that insurance is helping others with well-organized plan for promotion. People could not deny the use of insurance as uncertainty exist.

Another example is multi-level marketing. The people joining multi-level marketing are told that they could make big money so they are happy about that. The organization is well-organized for sharing "successful story" and recruiting new members. Other people could not deny the possibility of earning big money from multi-level marketing as the probability does exist.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

No need to learn Chinese for business

For English speaking people, I don't think it is necessary to learn Chinese for business.

There is many Chinese who could speak English in Hong Kong and China. The girls in China or Hong Kong are very willing to be the translators or even wives of foreigners. English speaking people just employ a translator and all problems could be solved.

Moreover, Chinese word is difficult to learn, especially for simplified Chinese. The figures of Simplified Chinese has less logical meaning than traditional Chinese. Foreigners need to remember most of the Chinese word without logical linkage to the meaning.

The most problems in doing business in China is not languages, but the regulations and relationship in China. If English speaking people have no relationship in China and know nothing about Chinese regulation, it is better not to invest in China even you know Chinese languages.

Made in China

Nowadays, most products are made in China. However, I think the products will be manufactured in other country such as Vietnam and Malaysia.

First, manufacturing brings pollution. As the communication technology becomes more advance, the problems of pollution cannot be ignored in China. The local government in Shenzheng is taking more serious measures to reduce pollution. However, the government in Vietnam seems less concern about environment. The manufacturers spend less in preventing pollution in Vietnam, so the factories swift to Vietnam.

Second, the manufacturing cost in China is increasing. People in China are more concerning about labour right. There are increasing minimum wage in China which increase the cost. Moreover, as China is developing other business such as IT and finance, the factory owners need to increase wages to employ workers. On the other hand, the wage in less-developed country is still very low.

Last, the American like to blame on others for causing unemployment problem in America. There are many places in the world where the salary and production cost are much lower than that in America. Moreover, American has no special skills like German or Japan. However, they do like to blame on others for election. In the past, they blames Japanese. They change to blame China now. American tries their best to push up the value ob RMB. If the production cost in China is increased, the factories will shift out of China (but not shift to America).

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Exercise and health

Nowadays, the public emphasis exercise, especially aerobic exercise, can make us healthier. Exercise should be good to health, but I think exercise should be treated carefully or exercise is not good for health.

First, it is common to be injured due to exercise. It is very common to hear that some famous football player or basketball player are injured and cannot play in that season. Some injury cannot be totally recovered. The Athlete may feel painful when they get old and on a rainy day. Injury certainly violate the standard of being healthy. Moreover, there is even a research claims that chlorine in swimming pool may cause cancer.

Second, the performance of exercise are based on physical and biological rules, but not way to make us healthy. For those who play sports, they usually not only want to be healthy, but also want to win in a competition. For example, the pose of fencing seems not natural as they need to turn their head and walk like a crap. For track and field, athlete need to follow exactly what the performance required and train for a specific muscle.

I am not saying that we should not exercise, but we need to exercise in the safe way and choose the exercise that do not harm our health.

Friday, September 17, 2010

What do you really need?

Just looking at the people living in country side, their lives are simple but not meaningless. They do not need high-tech products nor beautiful clothes. However, they are happy and even happier than citizens. In well-developed society, people are not afraid to be starved to dead. So, what do we need?

I think building relationships with others, eat enough food, having some interest in live are enough as those desire are built in our DNA to push us survival. Earning money is also a basic desire, but the cost is high in modern society. In a large company, employee needs to play drama and take care of other's drama to fight for better income or just keep the existing job. And people may not be so competitive in the society, they may not have any achievement and have disappointment instead. I think building happiness on achievement often brought sadness and is not reliable source of happiness.

So, what do you really need?

Is Blog outdated?

Nowadays, both Facebook and mobile broadband become popular. I think that the future of Blogger may not be bright.

In Facebook, one could share and have interactions with friends more easily. If I need to share photo with friends, Facebook is a better choice than Blogger. "Note" in the Facebook could be used as dairy like Blogger. People may not want to log-in to different websites to share nor reading friends sharing.

Another threat to Blogger is mobile broadband. As people could write share their feeling using mobile phone like Iphone or Android and using mobile phone to input data is not so convenient, they prefer writing something short just like Twitter. They seems not to use computer again to share in Blogger.

Last but not least, it seems too difficult to be distinguish among the blog website. Wordpress, Xanga and Yahoo! Blog are also popular. Any company could set up a similar blog hosting like Blogger. A little more functions seems not so important. Moreover, Blogger aims at English environment and lack of localization. For those whose mother language are not Engish, they may not prefer Blogger.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Many philosophy, religion and life coaching course emphasis that feeling is based on values, and values are created by myself. Therefore, we need not feel sad nor other negative feeling. However, as what I have observed, our feeling is not totally "artificial".

Human are born to live in wild. Feelings are used to push human beings to cooperate, reproduction, avoid dangerous and fight for food. Therefore, human beings like to be recognized by others, having sex, help each other, earning money and take care of baby. On the other hand, human being dislike to lose money, be lonely, hate by other, etc.

Buddhists have tried to eliminate all their desire but they failed. Christians try to follow all the rules and teaching in the Bible but it seems that very few of them could follow all the rules. Many people joining life coaching courses but they change back to their original personality. Therefore, I don't think that feeling are artificial.

I think the way to feel happy is to think that the feeling comes from natural which originally used for live and reproduction. After that, try to live naturally. Helping others, finding lovers, earning money and finding something fun could help.

Modern Marriage

Marriage is not only the result of love, but also the result of social income and reproduction.

I think human beings are designed to live in the wild and try their best for food and reproduction, just like other animals. Having marriage to limit the natural desire on other woman is not natural. However, human beings concern about marriage in order to gain benefit.

In the past, woman had less income than man. Therefore, the livelihood of woman could be more secure by marrying to a man. And the society had less support to the poor. The children grew better with both a father and mother. Therefore, marriage did have its function.

Nowadays, woman can have more income than man. Couples may not give birth to baby. Children could be brought up with single mother or single father. Therefore, marriage seems not so suitable to modern society. No doubt about the devoice rate is increasing.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Funny Mortage Commercial