Friday, September 17, 2010

What do you really need?

Just looking at the people living in country side, their lives are simple but not meaningless. They do not need high-tech products nor beautiful clothes. However, they are happy and even happier than citizens. In well-developed society, people are not afraid to be starved to dead. So, what do we need?

I think building relationships with others, eat enough food, having some interest in live are enough as those desire are built in our DNA to push us survival. Earning money is also a basic desire, but the cost is high in modern society. In a large company, employee needs to play drama and take care of other's drama to fight for better income or just keep the existing job. And people may not be so competitive in the society, they may not have any achievement and have disappointment instead. I think building happiness on achievement often brought sadness and is not reliable source of happiness.

So, what do you really need?

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