Monday, September 27, 2010

Economy and Environment

Nowadays, people live in developed countries are not afraid of hanger. At least they are supplied with basic needs which could sustain their lives. However, people want a better live. I think this desire which built in Human gene is used to push human beings to survive in wild. This desire seems to be out of control as the technology are improving at a extremely high speed. Many products are invented, such as Iphone and IPad. Those products are not necessary. However, the society needs those "unnecessary" products to boost the economy and provide jobs for people.

As the technology is improving, more products will be invented. However, those products requires material and energy to produced and even for disposal. The production of the products bring with pollution. Most of us may have sense of environmental protection. Some may try to use less electricity and participate in recycling. However, the marketing of the products is far more successful. Environmentalist are persuaded to have "quality of life". If they don't buy trendy products, they looks "outdated" or "bad quality of life". As a result, many energy and material are wasted.

I do not have a solution for this problem. I personally do not buy unnecessary products. I just want to live in a low quality of live.

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