Thursday, October 7, 2010

The value of university degree

As many people have a university degree, a degree seems not help us find a good job that worth for the school fee. I think it would be better to enter the university.

First, it has good chance to meet new friends in the university. I means making real friends. We have less time to play and meet friends when work. With friends, the chance to succeed increases.

Second, we can learn in the university. Although we could learn outside the university, we usually do not have so much time to concentrate on one topic with guidance from professors and schoolmate. The knowledge do have its values that is not for earning money.

Last, we could experience a very different life. In the university, we could organize different clubs, live in halls, attend lecture and joining different activities and go exchange. Those experience can hardly be found outside the university. It is cool to experience a different lives.

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